Special feature

"Naha Hari" which is the largest in Hari event

Before your eyes, watch the powerful race with 32 rowers per boat.

Held annually in May for three days during the Golden Week period.
Hari is an Okinawan dragon boat race and festival that celebrates and prays for good catches and marine safety.

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[special event contents]
Friday, May 3 ... junior high student boat race - public boat race
Saturday, May 4 ... okinawan dragon boat embarkation experience
Sunday, May 5 ... Naha sightseeing campaign lady certificate grant type
Chura-san motion
Sunday, May 5 ... public boat race row - Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Barrie - book Barrie
※Fantasy (fireworks) of three days ... - Okinawa musician live concert - sound and light
For details, we are going to publish at any time.

"Naha Hari" is the largest in Hari event

Naha Hari is the largest scale amongst all of the Hari events held in Okinawa.
In general each region of Okinawa holds hari dragon boat races, on May 4th of the old Japanese calendar, however, we want tourists to be able to enjoy the event, so Naha Hari is held on May 3rd - 5th of the solar calendar overlapping Golden Week.
School by junior high student in Naha City vs. resistance and some jobs area vs. resistance are performed on the first day, and Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Barrie and this Barrie are performed other than job area vs. resistance on "the Hari public experience embarkation" and the last day on the middle day.
Of Hari boat race, besides, hold various events including comedy stage and live - sumo meet - skyrocket.
If you will make use of the first holidays of the early summer to visit Naha, please come and experience the festive mood!


The history of Naha Hari

Person called opinion which Kume 36 family name naturalized in Okinawa from China in the 14th century conveyed and Nagahama tayu imitates Naha Hari after returning home on seeing okinawan dragon boat in Nanjing and makes, and there are various opinions including opinion which did boat race in Naha Port.
It prospered as national event of Ryukyu kingdom, but is abolished by Ryukyu kingdom having disappeared by establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains (1879).
Competition has been cut off last afterwards in 1928 though it revived as local event 1:00 period.
It revived taking the opportunity of held Okinawa ocean Expo of 1975 as mainland return commemorative project and became event to represent Okinawa afterwards

32 rowers! Okinawan dragon boat of Naha Hari

The difference between Naha hari and the hari of other Okinawa regions is the boat.
Hari boats in regions beside naha are primarily Sabani fishing boats with 10 rowers and one helmsman, however, Naha boats have a total length of 14.5 meters, width of 2.1 meters, weigh 2 tons, have 32 rowers, 2 bellmen, 2 helmsmen, 6 flag bearers making a total crew of 42 people and a unique decorations an engravings featuring dragons on the stern and bow.

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Fierce competition!! Rival school hari races.

Hari races consist of 3 Okinawan dragon boat, begin with the signal of the flag bearer and is competition for the fastest time of the round trip 40 meter course.
On the first day races of junior high school students separated by girls and boys are held, with the three teams with the best time chosen.
As it were, as for the confrontation to become incandescent of the final, many people gather in quay to watch student and teacher, brave figure of children which, besides, do parents yaoji, obamo boat race to support aloud.
A drama of the delighted cheers of the winners and the sweat and tears of the children who lost a close race is born at the emotional awards ceremony.

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Touch a hari boat firsthand and experience it for yourself!

The 2nd day features a "Hari boarding experience" day where guests can touch and ride a hari boat. As this is a very popular and crowded event, please allow yourself plenty of time for coming and going. The general boat experience is free

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Full impact general boat races! Lastly the ritual prayer hari and main hari!

On the last day, there during the general races for companies, youth associations and corporate groups form and confront each other for honor, there are also women only teams and airline company vs. controllers competitions. There are also races of teams made of members of the US military and other groups that allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of international friendship.
The final events of the Naha hari are the "Ugan bari" or ritual prayer hari and main hari. The Ugan bari, is an ancient hari ceremony where participants where ritual garments and sing hari songs while slowly circling the harbor, offering the god's a portion of the harvest in return for blessings. Afterwards, the main hari race where participants make a round trip of the harbor is held to determine the champion of the year.

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There are plenty of things to see besides the boat races!

On the main stage, there is children's eisa dancing, a comedy stage, an air aerobics competition, live music and many events from morning until evening, There is also a public broadcast on a local television program.
On the sub-stage there is a sumo contest, dance contest and student pro-wrestling events.
Additionally, all three days have a sea launched fireworks show that is synchronized to sound and light and music.
There are also many food stands during the festival. During the day, no matter how much time you spend you can enjoy yourself at Naha Hari. How about playing the goldfish catching game, darts, as well as standard yaki soba, okonomi yaki and Okinawa soba that can be eaten while watching the hari races or other events?
The sunshine is strong during this season, so please prepare for the heat when you come to the event, also be advised that the evenings are cool with ocean winds.

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From Naha bus terminal ride # 20, 23, 24, 28, 29, 63, 77, 110, 120

We get off in Takahashi in night → Approximately 10 minutes on foot

Please contact each motor carrier for the details.

Bus company name System number Phone number
Ryukyu bus 20, 23, 24, 28, 29, 63, 110, 120 098-852-2530
Okinawa bus 20, 28, 29, 77, 120 098-861-0385


[address] 〒 900-0001 1, Minatomachi, Naha-shi, Okinawa
[holding time] From 10:00 to 21:00
[venue name] Naha new port Wharf
[rate] Visit for free
[contact number]
It is Naha Tourism Association 098-862-1442 (to ... 5/2)
(three days (5/3 - 5/5) during period) Hari conduct 098-861-0071, Motobu